Automated Lighting

At Ashville Inc, we appreciate that lighting complements everything in your home. Carefully considered spaces require carefully considered automated lighting.

Our showroom at 541 Kings Road, London; demonstrates automated lighting, fully integrated with a Control4 Smart Home System. Please call: 0207 736 0355 or click here to book a demonstration.

Ashville Inc are a registered Control 4Savant, Crestron and Lutron programming and installation company. We use Control 4Savant, Crestron and Lutron automated lighting solutions in all our lighting projects. Ambience can be created at the touch of a button to set the perfect mood for cooking a meal, watching television, entertaining or simply relaxing. Our automated lighting systems can also highlight areas of your home you wish to make a key feature, from artwork to wine cellars.

Every interior/exterior light, lamp, automated curtains and blinds in your entire home can be incorporated into the control scenario with the introduction of Homeworks and engraved keypads. Our lighting systems have no limit to their programming capabilities. For example; when going on holiday, pressing a button will simulate property occupancy by duplicating the commands of the last two weeks.

Our Automated Lighting systems can be designed as a standalone feature or integrated into an entire Smart Home Systems, which eliminate the need to walk from room to room switching lights on and off. Control options range from your television screen, to hand held touch-panels, wall panels, remotes, iPad’s and smart phones.


At the click of a button, control all the functions of your home

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Comfort and efficiency achieved at your fingertips, simultaneously and effortlessly

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