Client Testimonials

“I was a bit dubious to begin with. Smart Homes and the technology that goes with it, conjured up thoughts of wires and cables everywhere, with a remote for everything! However, since having Control4 installed, I’ve actually found things simpler. I can control everything from my iPhone, it’s all there in an app in one place. I’ve had a wonderful experience with it. I can’t recommend it enough.”

Jake Summers, N1

“We chose Ashville Smart Homes, on the recommendation of a friend. We’ve been delighted with the service we’ve received. The team are friendly and efficient. They’ve also had infinite patience with my wife and mother’s questions! We’re really looking forward to hosting movie nights in our home cinema and garden parties. The speaker system we’ve had installed is epic.”

Andrew Costigan, NW3

“Absolutely love our home automation. It’s made life so much easier. I have control over every room in my house. I can make sure the kids aren’t wasting electricity, leaving lights on all over the house. I can also turn the TV or their music down, without having to shout throughout the house. My stress levels have been seriously reduced! I also love being able to turn the heating on before we get home, its so convenient.”

Elisabetta Reinaldi, NW8

“Ashville Smart Homes installed our security and cctv systems. Not only is it totally discreet, it covers our entire property. I feel so much better about leaving my family when I travel for business. I can watch the cameras from my phone or computer. I can also turn lights off or on, to give the impression we’re home.  I feel much more confident about our household security.”

Anon, SW10

“Brilliant service from the guys! They are so helpful and quite tidy too considering! We had a climate control system installed by Ashville Smart Homes. I have lots of artwork that was actually being damaged from the heating we had previously. So with some guidance we chose a bespoke system that allowed cooling in certain areas of our house. Absolutely, one of my best decisions.”

Leyland Howard, SW16

“Fantastic service from the team at Ashville Smart Homes. We’ve had a complete home automation system installed and it’s been the greatest fun learning about its full capabilities. We’re 4 months in and still not over the novelty of how easy it is to use.”

Sarah Goldman WD7