Climate Control

Climate Control provides the luxury of comfort cooling and heating. Controlled from the touch of a button, you can set a comfortable temperature in a specific room or an entire house. This feature can also be used whilst you are away from home, by remotely adjusting or monitoring temperature throughout your household, using our Smart Home technology.

Residential projects can have a number of discreet unit options, such as linear grills and wall mounted art-cool (picture frame style wall mounted), concealed to ensure your climate control never detracts from the beauty of your living space.

All heating and cooling solutions have the capability of being fully integrated within existing equipment and to complement other Ashville Inc Smart Home technology. Whether you require an air conditioning system, humidity control or underfloor heating, we can offer you the solution to your requirements.

We provide complete systems in your home that improve energy efficiency by giving you more control. Temperature, humidity and CO2 level control involves juggling heating, ventilation screens, air recirculation, pumps and fans — so it’s quite complex, our systems monitor all these features and work in tandem with each other.

In the end, clients will be able to save money without any change in lifestyle as smart systems improve in their performance, with new innovation and technological advances. As energy prices rise, home automation systems are a far more enticing investment as their efficiency improves and costs decline due to innovation and scale.

Climate Control systems can provide an intelligent way of unifying the lighting, heating and ventilation systems in your home. Some of the solutions we can offer for maintaining energy consumption is to separate room controls. You need only heat rooms when required. Motorised blinds or window openers may also be used to automatically control the temperature of your home without additional heating. Our systems can monitor both external and internal temperatures to ensure your heating systems operate only when necessary.

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