Home Automation

Ashville Smart Homes are specialists in Smart Home and Home Automation Systems, as well as Luxury Builds, Refurbishments and Interiors. We design and install both single room and entire Home Automation systems. Our expertise in the fields of Building and Refurbishment enables us to offer our clients a complete turnkey service: www.ashvilleinc.com

Our showroom, located at 541 Kings Road, is fully automated with Control4Savant, Crestron, lighting control, Multiroom Audio/VideoDiscreet Audio, 7.1 surround sound, 3D Cinema, Video Door Entry, CCTV and Climate Control. We invite all our clients to visit and interact with a Smart Home setup, using a remote, smart phone, iPad and touch screen wall panel. Please call: 0207 736 0355 or click here to book a demonstration.

We are an official dealer, installer and programmer of the most prestigious brands in home automation and home cinema technology. We design and install bespoke home entertainment systems which can be based solely in one room, or integrated into all the technology in an entire home.

A Smart Home System is not an A/V solution, it is a lifestyle decision, which can be implemented as part of an entire refurbishment where your home is completely transformed. Alternatively, in properties which do not require refurbishment, we provide the electrical and decorating services to ensure your home is technologically updated and restored.

Interact With a Smart Home

At the click of a button, control all the functions of your home

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Home Automation Showroom

Visit us and interact with a smart home first hand

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Home Cinema

The luxury and private alternative to the local theatre

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Multi-Room Audio

Listen to any of your music, in any room, simultaneously

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The mastermind solution in smart home control, eliminating the need to walk from room to room

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The apple based home automation system offering unprecedented levels of control and efficiency

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The world leader in advanced controls and automation solutions

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