Home Network

Smart Home cabling is a fantastic way to enhance your lifestyle and add value to your home by setting up your own home network. Whether a new build or refurbishment project, installation of technological infrastructure is fundamental.

Each room in a home should have the following:

  • Rapid broadband
  • Hardwired internet
  • Data plug in
  • Sky HD plus
  • Digital TV
  • HD Video System (video library shared by entire home)
  • Telephone
  • Audio System (music library shared by entire home)
  • Spare pre-wired communication cable (future usage)

Future proofing a home is difficult, however preparation can ensure your property has the capability to provide you with all the benefits technology offers for many years to come. A home network provides upgraded communication between digital devices in your home, enhancing their capabilities and ability to interact. The benefits of your own home network include quality of home life, to increased personal productivity and easier access to your entertainment systems.

In projects with entire property Smart Home Systems our racking solutions ensure minimal space consumption.  We locate all equipment in a single place and engineer to maximise system reliability, through cable management and Climate Control.

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