Ashville Smart Homes provide hotels with solutions that are designed to enhance your guest experience and increase revenue. In-room interactive services such as TV/Music on demand and localised iPod/digital radio allow the hotels guests flexibility to enjoy all forms of media and enhance their comfort. Climate Control and lighting moods can also add the luxury touches that discerning guests look for when choosing hotels, allowing them to personalise a room to their taste.

Lighting control in reception and dining areas enable ambient settings to reflect the design and character of a hotel. Lighting schemes for any design genre can be created, as well as conditional logic which takes into account natural light throughout the day; sunrise to sunset.

Our Smart Systems are an excellent way of increasing energy efficiency and increasing control over the costs associated with running hotels. These features can bring your property to the forefront of guest services and comfort, improving your standing amongst competitors.

Our team provide a discreet and efficient service, minimising disruption to your business. Please contact us on 0207 736 0355 or click here to arrange a consultation.