Multi Room Audio

Our Multi Room Audio systems enable flexibility to listen to any audio source, in any room in your home, simultaneously. Control all audio sources, your music library, zones and volume from any room in your home using a remote, touch screen in-wall panel, a smart phone, iPad, or PC.

Multi Room Audio need not detract from the beauty and decor of your home, as the audio system for your entire home can be stored out of site  and eliminate the need for stereos, radios and hi-fi’s being in very room.

All control options interact directly with your music library. This allows you to view all artist, playlists, track names and artwork. You can also create new playlists as part of a Smart Home System. For instance, you can select your favourite songs on a playlist and set the playlist to come on in the master bedroom, as the blinds rise at 7am on Monday to Friday.

Ashville Smart Homes offer unique and tailored Multi Room Audio systems. Our systems deliver exceptional sound quality and user convenience.

Our showroom at 541 Kings Road, London; demonstrates Multi Room Audio which is fully integrated with a Control4 Smart Home System. Please call: 0207 736 0355 or click here to book a demonstration.


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