Multi Room Video

Bespoke Multi Room Video systems enable you to control the distribution of video around the home. Sky HD, Blu-ray discs, DVDs and entire movie collections can be enjoyed at any time, in any room, simultaneously. Meaning that you will never again be restricted by the viewing preferences of the members of your family.

Multi Room Video need not detract from the beauty and decor of your home, as the video system for your entire home can be stored out of site  and eliminate the need for DVD players, Sky HD boxes and Apple TV’s being in very room.

An intuitive onscreen interface can organise and catalogue your entire movie collection. Using the internet, the intelligent system can access movie guides and create video bookmarks, which means movies will start instantly, without advertisements, trailers or menus.

Multi Room Video systems can be designed and implemented into both residential and commercial premises. Systems can range from a single room, to every room in the home or office.

Our showroom at 541 Kings Road, London; demonstrates Multi Room Video, in a Home Cinema setting, with all video equipment stored out of site. The system is also fully integrated with a Control4 Smart Home Automation.

Please call 0207 736 0355 or click here to book a demonstration.

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