Eco Friendly Cities – Smart Home Systems

Homes in major cities are estimated to use 1.1 billion smart devices that connect to their homes in some way or another. This figure is predicted to increase to 9.7 billion by 2020. Smart Homes and Commercial Buildings currently represent 45{99759cf80298e985eca490a4754848b7bbc355cd41c4addccc9bf36ca3b9608d} of smart devices that are connecting to the buildings in 2015. This is due […]

Home Automation

Home Automation continued to develop during 2015. From 2010 to 2015 the market grew by 83{99759cf80298e985eca490a4754848b7bbc355cd41c4addccc9bf36ca3b9608d}. This is to continue and it is forecasted the market will double by 2019. The principle behind home automation is linking electrical devices to provided control of the whole house through a single control panel, tablet or remote. Smart […]

Eco homes fitted with Home Automation

Egypt is the latest country creating a new eco building covering 4.8 million square feet. It will be fully equipped with environmentally friendly features such as solar panels, wind turbines and heating tubes, costing £3.9 billion. The new eco complex called ‘The Gate Residence’ will house up to 1000 apartments, with three levels of offices, […]

Best presents for the technological home this Christmas

Its that time of year again where we all stress about what to get our partners, parents and children. We have listed everything you need to spruce up your Christmas…. Domestic appliances are smarter then ever, edging us all towards the ideal home that we have always longed for. Here are a few devices for […]

How Home Automation Can Make Your Home More Appealing

Home Automation allows homeowners to control lighting, heating, audio and video features that without doubt increase the attraction of their homes. Smart Home Systems can make your home more appealing to buyers, making a strong first impression and distinguishing your home from others on the market. Imagine your estate agent showing your house to buyers […]

5 reason you should give ‘Home Automation’ ago! 

Whether you are purchasing a new home or upgrading your current home, Home Automation must be taken into consideration!  Irrespective of your home size or lifestyle, introducing a Smart Home System can add the following:- 1- Safety and Protection When a Home Automation system is installed you have the ability to lock down areas of your […]

Robots Taking Jobs – Home Automation

A recent study from Oxford University has revealed that more than a million people within the UK could be in danger of losing their jobs to Robots or a computer system. The study looked at 700 of the most common professions ranking the occupants who were at most risk such as Telemarketers, Mathematical Technicians, to […]

World’s Most Expensive Apartment, Fully Equipped With Home Automation

The worlds most expensive penthouse apartment is being built in Monaco, complete with a water slide, private chauffeur and caterers at an incredible £240 million. The property will be launched next year and is at the top of a 560ft skyscraper (the second tallest building in Monaco) which overlooks the Mediterranean coastline. The new buyer […]

Galaxy Note – Control 4

Samsung have surprised us all with the announcement of its new ‘Galaxy Note Edge’ – a smart phone with a screen that curves around one of the edges until it reaches the back. David Park from Samsung descried the curved screen like a ‘ticker’, providing quick access to regularly used apps such as Control 4. […]

Smart Home Systems- Wireless Charge

Although wireless charging already exists in numerous forms, the device must still be relatively close to the charger for it to work. However, with Smart Home Systems rapidly developing bringing new innovations, this is all set to change. MIT have unveiled a new wireless charging called the MagMimo. Once the device is perfected the charging […]