Restaurants, Nightclub and Bar

Audio/Video, lighting, climate control systems for restaurants, nightclub and bar venues requires imagination and expertise. In a consultation and on-site survey we establish your brand image and direction, the interior décor, client demographic and budget. We design a system taking into account these factors, combining high quality equipment which is reliable and durable, with our knowledgeable in house team who will take you through the design process.

Our expert team can advise you of the best products for your specific requirements, offering installation and aftercare around the clock for your convenience. Our design team have a wealth of experience creating innovative, exciting interiors for restaurants, nightclub and bar venues. Not only can we install CCTV and Security systems, we can design bespoke sound systems, incorporating market leading media products.

At Ashville Smart Homes, we are the leading installers and distributors of discreet audio and video solutions that can be concealed when not in use; bespoke mirror TV’s, projector screens for artwork display and digital signage systems, that can be updated by you. These are just some of the unique touches to help you create a brand identity.

Please call: 0207 736 0355 or click here to book a demonstration. Our showroom at 561 Kings Road has a fully automated installation that conveys the products and features as they would be used in restaurants, nightclub and bar venues.