With a huge range of size and design options available, ceiling speakers offer a real alternative to big box speakers. From top quality audio in the living room, through to background music in the bathroom or kitchen, we can advise and install exceptional sound systems. Standard mono speakers can be connected to provide stereo sound, or a single stereo speaker can provide both the left and right channels from a single speaker enclosure. We can also create bespoke speakers that you can be plastered into the ceiling or wall, creating discreet and invisible sound options for your home.

Home Cinema

Our home cinema systems are designed to help you totally immerse yourself in your favourite movie and entertain your guests in the privacy and luxury of your own home. The use of specialist speakers provide the full audio experience, creating the drama and atmosphere to enhance your viewing experience. You may consider adding rear effect ceiling speakers to existing free standing front speakers, or you could opt for a full system and create a home cinema made up of ceiling speakers throughout.

Whether you want to use mono speakers, or high-performance home cinema speakers, Ashville Smart Homes can offer you expert advise and an efficient installation service.


In-ceiling speakers are generally easier to install than in-wall speakers. This is because a ceiling void accessed from the room above usually helps with the installation of a ceiling speaker and the appropriate cabling. However, if you have the opportunity to install in-wall speakers, such as during a new-build or prior to a room redecoration, these can provide fantastic results in quality music listening and home cinema environments.


PC’s, iPods and smartphones, allow for your music to be played wherever you are. High quality outdoor speakers can provide an instant party atmosphere, or simply background music for relaxing in your garden. Choose between the traditional design, high performance speakers that attach to a wall or, the increasingly popular ‘Rock’ speakers that blend discreetly into your garden landscape. We can implement an audio system that performs to the same high standard as you would have inside your property, creating universal surround sound systems.

We invite all our clients to visit and interact with a Smart Home setup, using a remote, smart phone, iPad and touch screen wall panel. Please call: 0207 736 0355 or click here to book a demonstration.