Eco Friendly Cities – Smart Home Systems

Homes in major cities are estimated to use 1.1 billion smart devices that connect to their homes in some way or another. This figure is predicted to increase to 9.7 billion by 2020.

Smart Homes and Commercial Buildings currently represent 45% of smart devices that are connecting to the buildings in 2015. This is due to the amount of investment in properties by companies and homeowners.

It is estimated that the amount of homeowners investing in smart devices is set to increase to 81% by 2020. Homeowners will lead the way by increasingly investing in smart home solution. For example, Home Automation, Automated Lighting, Smart kitchen appliances, CCTV, Home security and Climate Control.

Smart Home Systems

Smart Home Systems

Cities are to increase their smart device friendliness, enabling the public to become more eco friendly, starting with more charging stations for cars.

Smart LED Lighting is predicted to record the highest growth of smart devises from 6 million units sold in 2015 to a predication of 570 million units to be sold by 2020.

Smart home security and safety is expected to represent the second largest growth in smart devises.

Smart health care and fitness is to grow to nearly £38 billion.

Smart Home Systems